Eckhart Tolle's book selling in the millions

Since Oprah's Book Club announced, a month ago, that Tolle's book,"A New Earth -- Awakening to Your Life's Purpose", was on their book list, over three million copies have been sold.
The book was released in 2005 and is just now catching on. The response has been remarkable with a host of people talking about their life changing experiences.
Our review (see below), posted two months ago, reveals the power of the book. It comes highly recommended -- one to study and discuss with fellow readers.
To those who believe in, at Tolle puts it, "The Arising New Consciousness", this book is not only changing the lives of people around the world but is a powerful testimonial to the awakening of the human spirit.
IN OUR OWN WAY, 3/1/08


RM, Santuit, MA said...

Wow! it is amazing that your blog identified the meaning of this wonderful and insightful book several months ago. What took Oprah so long to recommend Tolle? But at least she did and millions are catching on to what you wrote about.. RM, Santuit, MA

JW, AL said...

yes,yes,yes! A terrific book. JW, AL

Anonymous said...

Unbelieveable! Been listening to Tolle on the Oprah site. The book is life changing if the reader is ready. Billie from GA

Anonymous said...

Tolle is truly in touch with the new and enlarged truth humanity must awaken to if we are to survive. I am very impressed with the book. Also notice that the second post on the Tolle book was on this blog long before Oprah tapped into it. Good for you. A very good "live changing" blog. Brandon, Williamsburg

Millie, SC said...

I truly believe this book is one of the most enlightening I have ever read. A must for those who seek to understand the ego. Thanks for your posts. Millie, SC