"Mobs, Messiahs and Markets: Surviving the Public Spectacle in Finance and Politics" By Bill Bonner and Lila Rajiva

Bill Bonner has long been a maverick observer of the financial and political world. In Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets, Bonner and freelance Journalist Lila Rajiva use literary economics to offer broader insights into mass behavior and its devastating effects on society.
Why is it, they ask, that perfectly sane and responsible individuals turn into an irrational mob? What makes them trust charlatans and demagogues who manipulate their worse instincts? Why do they abandon good sense, good behavior and good taste? Why is the road to hell paved with so many sterling intentions? Why is there a fool on every corner and knave in every public office?
Yale University assistant professor of Psychiatry, Bandy Xenobia Lee, says its time to apply narcissistic behavior not only to people but to nations. It is obvious that, in the world of economics, Americans' delusions of grandeur threaten to ruin them. And in politics, it's worse. Americans are risking their very souls with murderous wars. Lee notes that few nations could have afforded to live in the style to which Americans have become accustomed -- not even Americans themselves. Their paper money is backed by nothing; the economy doomed to slow down, stocks bound to fall and, victims of an excess of enthusiasm and shortage of capital investment.
Yet, most Americans do not doubt themselves. They cannot save a dime themselves, but they offer to save the entire planet based on the way they view the world.
Success has transformed a modest people whose greatest virtue was once minding their own business into a vainglorious race who mind everyone's business but their own. Discounted is the hard work of their fathers and grandfathers who went ahead of them. Dismissed are the virtues of thrift, sound money, limited government and collective modesty.
One day, historians will look back at our era and marvel at how George bush and Tony Blair determined to convert the Iraqis to democracy. To our descendants, it will look like a mad caprice; an act of remarkable faith or delusion, like missionaries showing the heathan the correct posture for copulation.
(see full review: The Daily Reckoning, Weekend Edition, 8/25-26/07)
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Dr. Edmund Roache, Author, "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" reports on current political and economic events outlined in his book

"The stage is set to set the Middle East aflame and draw the whole world into World War III. The script is being followed. Watch the details closely. For instance, why does Israel declare war on Lebanon one day and then the next day give away the West Bank and Gaza for nothing in return. None of it makes any sense unless you posit that there is an alternative goal other than what we are all being led to believe."
"Another example is the way we have leaked our military technology on purpose to Chinese "spies" so that they can build up their military and some day use it against us. We do the same with Russia as we turn our backs while they build their arsenal despite knowing that they are cheating on all the armament reduction treaties that we unilaterally continue to disarm ourselves by."
"The American media are controlled by six men -- six!!! We are told what they want us to know -- no more, no less. For example, Ron Paul is of the caliber of an Abraham Lincoln and he is continually ignored despite a lot of support from people who really know what is going on. Also the dollar is circling the drain and everything will get a lot worse economically and financially once it breaks 80, which I think it will do over the next several months. Is the media reporting on the real economic news to help prepare us? Indeed no!"
"Do not be deceived. The American people have been intentionally dumbed down so that many don't even know how to think for themselves and the younger the generation the more clueless we have become."
"Many critical issues that will impact every espect of our lives in the months and years ahead are on the table with little national discussion. For example the seriousness of the drought and a financial crisis that is imminent that could create a depression in the new few years, if not sooner."
"American is ripe for the kill but maybe we can still put up a good fight. As for the Kingdom Book, I fully expect the day to come when it will see it's full use"
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Critical Mass/The Shift

When a sufficiently large core group of people awaken to a new and enlarged reality, critical mass happens. This new way of thinking spreads almost instantly. What this means is that there will come a time when the new reality will suddenly make sense to the majority of people 'currently' moving through a shift in consciousness.
This new behavior pattern will spread to most but not all. Many will remain
steadfast in their established behavior patterns and resist change. No matter, critical mass is building! It will not be long.
In the early 60s one in 50 adults reached this new awareness. Today, according to extensive surveys more than one in four adults in the US and Europe have taken the leap in consciousness, thus forming the nucleus of the Shift -- a collective transformation consisting of the sum of each individual's step forward.
The paradigm shift is the result of a cosmic cycle which is unfolding slowly but steadily, uplifting humanity. Thus, your greatest service to the world is to development of your own consciousness. 7/15/07
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