We are all invited to investigate the reality of God for ourselves. Do not doubt that spiritual realities are within our reach. True religion is directly accessible to us from within. This search is the first duty and the hightest privilege of all men and women.
We are not to be satisfied merely by knowing what others have said about God. Rather, it is the direct knowledge of God that is the treasure in the field and the pearl of great price for which we should trade all of which we have, and all of which we are, in order to own.
Words cannot describe this experience. Once tasted there is nothing else that will do. We have touched the third rail. The circuits of our minds are re-arranged. Our hearts are enlarged. All is becoming new. We see with new eyes and feel with new hearts. Only we ourselves can deprive ourselves of this experience.
We should never give up the search. It is not difficult, for we have been designed for success. The important thing is to start.
In order to discover truth in the infinite world where God resides, we must act on intuition as well as merely to perceive it. This is all that faith really is -- acting on our intuition that God is real. The results of those actions, over time, leads to an experience that validates our intuition. Faith is but a scaffold to the higher assurances of direct knowledge. To know someone is much different than to know about someone.
Just as in science, evidence for the validity of spiritual reality should be sought just as in any other rational eadeavor. However, we need to make observations regarding qualitative inner changes as opposed to the quantitative outer changes observed by science. Dedication to the knowing and doing of God's will leads to qualitative changes in levels of happiness, peacefulness, selflessness and the appreciation of the truth and beauty that surrounds us. We find ourselves changing in inexplicable ways and the fruits of the spirit are observable to ourselves and to others.
The inner man has biologic drives that vie for his attention but he also has a drive to understand himself and the world in which he lives. He has a drive to love and be loved -- he has a drive to become whole. The balance and achievement of these goals lies in accessing the energy and guidance of the living spirit which dwells within. God has drawn near to us through His spirit to guide us and comfort us. He becomes what we are to make us what He is. Although His wisdom is beyond knowing, we must learn how to choose it over our own.
The Son of Man introduced us to and intrigues us with the mysterious concept of the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to read His parables over and over again until we can stretch our minds over His words. We now have the knowledge and understanding to solve this ancient mystery. The time is coming for the implementation of a new way of seeing and living. The question is not whether or not we can accomplish this. The question is will we choose to accomplish it.
The will is the simgle most important part of a human being. It is the will that situates us in time and in eternity. We may have grown up in a world of rebellion but we have the power to turn it off with a simple switch.

Dr. Edmund Roache, Author