Entering The Castle -- By: Caroline Myss

More and more people are being drawn to the work of great mystics of Judeo-Christian and Eastern traditions. As an evolving spiritual culture, Author Caroline Myss believes we are ready for a spiritual evolutionary leap, for the world is "sorely in need of a touch of the Divine; the true self in each and everyone of us", says Myss.

Entering the Castle, An Inner Path to God and Your Soul, is about a life's journey that is transforming. We learn that prayer is a power beyond measure and that contemplation, essential to maintaining a dialogue with your soul and with God, requires more than just withdrawing into solitude.

"We need not leave home to meet God and receive grace. People crave a grounded spirituality that can be practiced every day. We crave to experience a deep mystical prayer and disipline without having to take off to ashrams or adopt extreme practics of deprivation. We need not take vows of poverty of chasity and we don't want to renounce family or friends", says Myss. "In short we want to be mystics without monasteries and ENTERING THE CASTLE provides the way".

Myss draws heavily on the work of St Teresa of Avila and her brilliant meditation text, "The Interior Castle". She also does an excellent job of defining the outer self and the inner self (the way to God consciousness). The mystics from East and West have long proclaimed that the Kingdom of Heaven is within, thus Myss has given us a quide to finding and knowing God, a quest that will lead us away from our egos to a world of inner peace and transformative enlightenment.

One of the most enthralling components of the book is the story of the spiritual transformation of Myss herself. By writing about her own personal journey the reader's heart opens up to the possibilities of experiencing the Divine.

This book comes highly recommended. (Caroline Myss is the bestselling author of Anatomy of the Spirit and Savred Contracts)

Jane T. Morgan
Posted: August 2008