The Life and Teachings of Jesus -- A Restatement of the Gospels

"The Life and Teachings of Jesus -- a Restatement of the Gospels" is an effort to distill from the scriptures only those verses truly portraying the life and teachings of Jesus. Like an earlier effort by Thomas Jefferson who produced the "Jefferson Bible" in the early 1800's, Author, Preston Thomas uses the New Testament books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to make his case that of all human knowledge, the most valuable is to know the truth of the life and teachings of Jesus. "True Christianity is founded on the teachings of Jesus" says Thomas. "If one truly desires to know Jesus and follow the way of his personal religion, this book can be of great value, for herein is presented Jesus' life and teachings in purity and wholeness -- separated from all other Scripture." 11/17/07 ($18.95 -- order from IN OUR OWN WAY, see "order books" on right of blog)

Testimonial: My Story -- Michelle Mrozkowski

After years of struggling through Bible stories and seldom teaching students the real value in scripture, I was introduced to "The Life and Teachings of Jesus". I was profoundly moved by the book and immediately understood its value, particularly to children who were able to grasp who Jesus is and the life he led on earth.
The book is organized chronologically, starting with Jesus birth on through his life. There are many wonderful references and footnotes that help guide the reader's understanding of scripture. Chapters are divided into short, easy to study sections which make for perfect study sessions. When parents come to me with family concerns, I am able to find related scripture that helps them move through problems they face.
I don't teach Sunday school any longer, but I continue to read the book to my children and as a study book for myself. I have given this beautifully bound book to friends and recommended it to book clubs. I have not found another reference, meditation or teaching tool quite like this book and highly recommend it to anyone who seeks to understand the truth of Jesue life and teachings.