Relative to size the caterpillar is one of the most destructive beings on this planet. It can devour a whole branch in record time without any awareness of its impact. When it's full, the caterpillar weaves a cacoon around itself and, within that structure, fulfills its destiny to dissolve into formless goo. In that goo are the cells that hold the possibility of the butterfly. The goo(the old) is threatened by these cells and tries to destroy them. Because of this threat, these new cells gather together into groups, and in that support, the beauty of the butterfly is born.
This is humanity's story. The caterpillar and its self-absorbed destruction represent the old way. The butterfly, which represents the new way is the opposite of the caterpillar. It doesn't destroy life -- it serves life by pollinating flowers. It can fly far and wide, so its view is much broader than the caterpillar.
You and I are asked to become the butterfly inside ourselves, and part of our task is to trust this time of goo that is so turbulent and frightening. It is essential to our transformation. We are also being asked to gather together to support one another and the world in "remembering possibility". We are asked to put no one out of our hearts, for we do not have the luxury of positioning anymore. There is no THEM in this process.
We are on the cusp of the most important evolutionary shift that has happened on this planet -- the shift from unconsciousness to consciousness -- the shift from the mind to the heart. THIS IS OUR BUTTERFLYNESS. June 2009