Try to imagine yourself filled with light. The kind of light that gives you great
insight, pleasure, energy and unshakable peace. If you find yourself wanting, check out Kabbalah.

The wisdom of Kabbalah helps us understand the reason for existence -- why we are born; what we live for; the purpose of life; where we come from and where we go when we die. It is an ancient system that gives us a way of reaching the inner spiritual part of ourselves that is so sorely needed in our world today.

This scientifically proven formula has been tested for over two thousand years.

Kabbalah is a practical study, for we learn about ourselves step-by-step.
We connect with the inner self and experience internal changes that only we can feel and know. In short, we grow and experience a new and enlarged awareness that
allows us to lead a life of grace and inner peace. It also opens us up to the power of not only receiving, but the joy of giving.

The wonder and wisdom of Kabbalah has influenced leading philosophical, religious,
spiritual and scientific minds. Until today, however, it has been hidden away in ancient texts, available only to scholars. Now, the power of Kabbalah is available to all who chose to create a realm of awareness, meaning and soul enhancement.

Yehuda Berg's book "The Power of Kabbalah" comes highly recommended

Posted: December 2008