Critical Mass/The Shift

When a sufficiently large core group of people awaken to a new and enlarged reality, critical mass happens. This new way of thinking spreads almost instantly. What this means is that there will come a time when the new reality will suddenly make sense to the majority of people 'currently' moving through a shift in consciousness.
This new behavior pattern will spread to most but not all. Many will remain
steadfast in their established behavior patterns and resist change. No matter, critical mass is building! It will not be long.
In the early 60s one in 50 adults reached this new awareness. Today, according to extensive surveys more than one in four adults in the US and Europe have taken the leap in consciousness, thus forming the nucleus of the Shift -- a collective transformation consisting of the sum of each individual's step forward.
The paradigm shift is the result of a cosmic cycle which is unfolding slowly but steadily, uplifting humanity. Thus, your greatest service to the world is to development of your own consciousness. 7/15/07
More from: The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness


J. Gaines said...

It may be that the greatest achievement of humanity is the recognition of our own madness. You see, most of us have our heads in the sand. We simply don't get it! J. Gaines

Bill Knees said...

These books that focus on a 'new awareness' and a 'new consciousness' are indeed rewarding to read but -- in reality we need to want to change our lives and the way we view the world. We don't even know how the rest of the world lives. If you call it living. Waking up is hard to do. Suffering, for most, is the only way out. Seems to me we need some "otherworldly" help. Don't you agree. Give me some feedback. Bill Knees, CA

Anonymous said...

My comment did not get posted yesterday. You might want to check this out. May be missing a few.

JPM said...

There are folks out there who are going through the 'shift' and there are those who will not or cannot change their way of life. Life goes on and many will be left to wonder what happened to their external life of fear, pain and dread. A life they chose not to change, no matter what. JPM, NYC

Bob Knott said...

Very good book. Thanks to this blog I ordered "The Shift". It does a good job of explaining what the shift is all about. Consciousness too. Keep up the good work. Bob Knott, NC

Jewell said...

Excellent research has been done on the issue of consciousness. I, for one, cannot get enough of it.
To strive to understand the nature of consciousness is one of the most important life changing commitments we can make. For we will change ourselves and change the world by realizing the power we create for ourselves through this work. Jewell, Chicago

Anonymous said...

This is an excellent book for those who are interested in the field of consciousness. Most should feel the need to learn as much as possible about this subject -- for as we build toward a new consciousness we will want to know what this means for humanity and the planet. Anonymous

JM said...

To Anonymous:The problem is that people are not ready. They are living in fear of a lousy economy, horrible environment, and what the future holds for their children. They don't seem to get it that if they want a better world they will have to do something about it. Do you see that happening? I don't!
JM, Wisconsin