The Life and Teachings of Jesus, by Preston Thomas

Preston Thomas is the founder of The Einstein School in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus is the result of a nine year effort to concentrate the Bible verses associated with Jesus into one volume. Each occurrence of his life is treated individually, and then arranged in a chronological sequence. Thus, it presents Jesus’ life and teachings as they actually took place, from birth through death and resurrection. This format promotes a better understanding of Jesus’ real life and hisoriginal gospel of the kingdom.

Helpful explanatory notes are generously supplied.
The book includes an exhaustive index so that readers can quickly find what Jesus said
concerning any topic. It also includes a list of
Jesus’s parables, miracles, and teachings that outline his philosophy of living. This beautiful bonded leather edition makes an attractive and meaningful gift. Now offered at $18.95 plus shipping and handling.

Preston Thomas writes, "My idea for this project had its roots in an event that took place many years ago. My grandmother was dying; she was bedridden, but alert. I searched for good words, meaningful words, that I could read to her in an effort to help her be prepared to leave this life and enter into the next. I settled on a small book called The Sayings of Jesus. It contained only the teachings of Jesus; I knew that his words would be the best words I could find.

"My hope also is this book will be used and read often in search of help, guidance, and inspiration that only Jesus' matchless life and teachings can provide. My suggestion is to read only a small portion (one chapter or one section) each day. Let the words sink in, and make it a priority to maintain regular daily reading. Simply running these words and teachings through our minds can have a very positive effect. Following Jesus' guidelines for living provides direction and stability, while transforming our lives."


MWMrozkowski said...

I am a new reader to the Urantia Book and The Kingdom Book. It wasn't until recently (the last couple of years) that I considered the possibility that I had spent my entire life only experiencing part of the story, part of the understanding of The Master's Life. Imagine the joy I felt when I discovered hope for humanity in these times. After reading The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand, I got my hands on Preston Thomas's The Life and Teachings of Jesus. I read it alongside The Jesus Papers of the Urantia Book. And what truth for our times! At the time I was teaching children's Sunday School at a local Baptist Church in the South. I bought Thomas's book for the other Sunday School teachers who use it as a reference and resource even today. I keep mine beside my bed, read from a chapter at night, and go to bed thanking Jesus for his ministry and the truth unfolded to us, His children.

Jan Murray, PA said...

I've also read the book but never though about using it to help children understand the life of Jesus. Excellent idea. Thanks